Brooks PureConnect 2 Review

For some overpronators less is more. Some people like a shoe that allows they’re flat feet to move more naturally instead of forcing it to behave a certain way with a arch wedge or denser midsoles or whatever else. If you’re one of these types of runners then I’d suggest you check out the Brooks PureConnect 2.
The good folks at Brooks have come up with a nice minimalist running shoe, it’s light weight and designed to fit your foot like a glove. Personally, I don’t go for this type of shoe. I prefer something a little thicker, that provides my feet with the support I’ve come to expect from motion control shoes. However if your only a mild overpronator then this might work well for you! 
If you would like something with a bit more support but still light weight then I suggest you check out the Saucony Hurricane 15.