motion control shoes

Large framed or overweight in other words flat footed runners are more inclined to overpronation, a disorder in which the feet roll inwards when they are running. Overpronation migh result is stress and severe harm to connective tissues from the knees minimizing legs. To stop such damage manufacturers of running sneakers have designed special running shoes either way heavyweight and overweight overpronators.

Best running shoes for flat feet


Nike is a leading athletes shoes manufacturing company located within Oregon. Nike became famous for making basketball shoes, eventhough it began by making running sneakers.

For runners who are inclined to overpronation, Nike produces shoes with motion control much like other shoes manufacturers. Nike Air Cesiums are the most used of Nike's motion control shoes. Unlike most motion control shoes that are somehow heavy to provide adequate support for the runner's foot, Nike Air Cesium provides sufficient motion control to stop injury and also very light. Other Nike shoes meant to prevent overpronation include Zoom Nucleus MC+ for women and men.


Saucony is a shoes manufacturing company who specializes in the production of jogging shoes and sports equipment. Much like other programs that manufactures athletic shoes, Saucony manufactures motion control shoes that are compatible with preventing overpronation. Saucony employs proprietary grid technology in manufacturing their motion control shoes. Samples of Saucony motion control shoes include Grid Stabil and Grid Hammer models.


In 1947, after World War two Kihachiro Onitsuka starts making basketball shoes in the lounge in Kobe, Japan. The company was later renamed Asics in the event it entered the U.S. market that year 1977. Asics began manufacturing new technology jogging shoes in 1990 at Asics "Research Institute of Sports Science" positioned in Kobe. The free interaction between Coaches, runners and Scientists led Asics to build up special running sneakers including Asics Gel Foundation 3 and gel foundation 8.


Asics also produces running shoes but unlike the costly Saucony athletic shoes theirs are more affordable thus making Nike the most ideal shoes for that new runners who are not willing to use over 100 U.S dollars on shoes. New Balance Motion control shoes include: WR 1011 for females and MR 1011 models for males, 992 and 1123 models.

Together with the availability of motion control shoes that supply comfort preventing injury, runners who tend to overpronation have absolutely nothing to concern yourself with.

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