Brooks PureConnect 2 Review

For some overpronators less is more. Some people like a shoe that allows they’re flat feet to move more naturally instead of forcing it to behave a certain way with a arch wedge or denser midsoles or whatever else. If you’re one of these types of runners then I’d suggest you check out the Brooks PureConnect 2.
The good folks at Brooks have come up with a nice minimalist running shoe, it’s light weight and designed to fit your foot like a glove. Personally, I don’t go for this type of shoe. I prefer something a little thicker, that provides my feet with the support I’ve come to expect from motion control shoes. However if your only a mild overpronator then this might work well for you! 
If you would like something with a bit more support but still light weight then I suggest you check out the Saucony Hurricane 15.

Saucony Hurricane 15 Review

Here’s one for the more moderate overpronators out there in flat feet land. It’s the Saucony Hurricane 15.
The Saucony Hurricane 15 gives you a decent amount of support for your flat feet, but still keeps things lightweight and comfortable. They have ample cushioning for your feet, and the shoe is well ventilated. 
Biggest draw back to this shoe is probably the ventilation. It’s great when it’s hot outside, but if you’re running on a wet or cold day, it can be problematic. Other than that it’s an all together wonderful shoe. Just remember, it’s made for moderate overpronators, not severe ones. If you need something thats going to offer more support then I suggest you check out the Asics Gel Evolution. But if you’re looking for more light weight then the Saucony Hurricane 15 is a great place to start!


If your looking for a seriously comfortable shoe to deal with your overpronation then you need to check out the ASICS GEL EVOLUTION 6. I love the Asics Gel line, they provide great support, and the gel packets that they’re named for add a serious degree of comfort to your run.
With the ASICS GEL EVOLUTION 6 things were taken to a new level with a few minor changes, for starters they put in maximum wedge support at the base to fortify the shoe and give it an easier transition from heel to toe. Also there’s more support in the midsole on the Evolution line than you would normally find on other ASICS, which means extra support for you as an overpronator.
Okay, now for the downside. The one problem most people have with these, as well as any shoe with multiple stability features, is the weight. If your not accustomed to wedge support and the denser midsole then you might feel that a motion control shoe like this one is heavy and bulky. It’s a bit of a trade off, and only you can decide if it’s right for you. If your overpronation isn’t that bad then maybe you should consider the Saucony Hurricane 15. But if you’re a severe overpronator then I would go with the Asics Gel Evolution 6. It’s going to provide you with the support you need. 

Can Flat Feet Be Corrected? Here’s A Few Exercises to help!


I know, you're wondering, can flat feet be corrected? Well, there are some surgery's that can correct it, but for most people that is a last option, but relying on special shoes doesn’t sound that great either. So what do you do? Well, here are a few handy flat feet exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your feet and hopefully reverse your fallen arches. There’s no guarantee that they will work, but doing nothing is guaranteed not to work.  So if you’re willing to spend a half hour a day trying to improve the condition of your feet, then read on!

OK first up is what I like to call the marble workout.  It is a simple matter of spreading some marbles out in front of a comfortable chair.  Now, using only one a foot at a time, pick up the marbles one by one with your toes.  This causes you to curl your foot inward and works out the muscles in the bottom of your foot.  Of course you can make a game out of it, dropping the marbles into a bucket, or maybe sorting them into piles by color.  Either way try to work out each foot for a while.
The next flat feet treatment is usually associated with calf muscle training.  But it actually does wonders for your feet as well.  It’s called the toe raise, simply lift yourself up onto your toes and lower yourself back down.  Try not to let your heels touch the ground before you raise back up again.  This puts a lot of weight onto the balls of your feet which helps strengthen the arch.  If this seems too easy an alternative is to do it on one foot at a time, holding onto the back of a chair or a wall for balance.
So can flat feet be corrected by these exercises? For some people yes. Try incorporating them into your day a few times a week.  The worst case scenario is you spend a little bit of time working out with nothing to show for it.  But for a lot of people, these basic exercises help strengthen their feet and they start to build their arch back up.  What do you have to lose?

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10 (Motion Control)



Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10     Womens Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10


Here are some great Motion Control running shoes for all you severe overpronators out there! The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10 is a nice comfortable, breathable and light weight shoe with maximum stability.

The Pros:

It has a synthetic air mesh that helps keep your feet cool and dry. As well as the Mizuno Intercool midsole ventilation system that also reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe to compliment the air mesh. The Dynamotion Fit relieves the stress the foot naturally places on footwear, which eliminates distortion for a better fit. They also have a great engineering approach to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible. I also love the way these shoe’s fit. They are nice and snug on my heel but leave some extra room near the toes. So over all these have everything I want out of a good pair of motion control running shoes.

The Cons:

Ok maybe it is just me but I’m not to crazy about the look of these shoe’s. Overall appearance  is just kind of ugly to me. But like momma always said “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” And what’s on the inside of these shoes is worth dealing with the gnarly color scheme! Check them out for yourself!


NIKE Zoom Structure Triax+15

running shoes for flat feet





Men's NIKE ZOOM STRUCTURE Triax+ 15  and the




If you are looking for a good pair of running shoes for flat feet then you've found it! The NIKE Zoom Structure Triax+15 It covers all the bases and keeps you comfortable and overpronation free! The stability aspects are fairly standard: a slight give on the outside of the heel, denser foam under the arch and a plastic shank in the arch for added support. All pretty standard stuff. The part that makes it my favorite is how comfortable it is. It’s a nice snug fit meant to hold your foot in place with enough cushion to not feel constricting. The inside has a low shaped arch, keeping it comfortable for people with flat feet or just a low arch. The upper mesh is breathable and comfortable. And the mesh liner keeps your feet cool and dry. The Sole has deep grooves to provide flexibility so your foot is able to roll naturally through the step, and the grip is great for running on wet concrete. 

All in all it’s a nice light weight shoe that provides durability, comfort and the support your arches need. If your trying to find some good running shoes for flat feet to help correct overpronation then I highly recommend the Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15. Trust me your feet will thank you!


Asics Gel GT 2170

ASICS Gt-2170 for Men or the ASICS GT 2170 for Women


As far as arch support goes these are great stability running shoes! It’s also very comfortable for the most part. To start with the nylon mesh in the upper shoe is very breathable, which I consider very important on long runs. The midsoles are made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) so you know it is light weight and has plenty of cushions. But just to sweeten the pot, it also includes the Asics Gel impact system. If you’ve never experienced the Asics Gel pack then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I will complain about a lot of things with various shoes but this is one thing I’ll never whine about. Seriously comfortable.  Anyway, back on track, the sole of the shoe has pretty decent grip and of course all the wonderful things that makes it a stability shoe.

The bad part? The heel has a tendency to slip. Nothing more annoying than having a shoe that rubs against the back of your ankle. Of course from what other people I’ve talked to and reviews I’ve read not everyone has this issue. In fact the majority of people have no complaints about this shoe. But if you choose to purchase this model I suggest you don’t waste any time testing them out, just in case you need to make a return.

Overall these are great stability running shoes. It’s crazy comfortable and does a great job of correcting your gait. All in all I’ll give it 4 stars. I know I’m knit picking with the heel slipping thing because I’m one of the few who got affected, but if you don’t have that problem then you’ll love these shoes.