Brooks PureConnect 2 Review

For some overpronators less is more. Some people like a shoe that allows they’re flat feet to move more naturally instead of forcing it to behave a certain way with a arch wedge or denser midsoles or whatever else. If you’re one of these types of runners then I’d suggest you check out the Brooks PureConnect 2.
The good folks at Brooks have come up with a nice minimalist running shoe, it’s light weight and designed to fit your foot like a glove. Personally, I don’t go for this type of shoe. I prefer something a little thicker, that provides my feet with the support I’ve come to expect from motion control shoes. However if your only a mild overpronator then this might work well for you! 
If you would like something with a bit more support but still light weight then I suggest you check out the Saucony Hurricane 15.

Saucony Hurricane 15 Review

Here’s one for the more moderate overpronators out there in flat feet land. It’s the Saucony Hurricane 15.
The Saucony Hurricane 15 gives you a decent amount of support for your flat feet, but still keeps things lightweight and comfortable. They have ample cushioning for your feet, and the shoe is well ventilated. 
Biggest draw back to this shoe is probably the ventilation. It’s great when it’s hot outside, but if you’re running on a wet or cold day, it can be problematic. Other than that it’s an all together wonderful shoe. Just remember, it’s made for moderate overpronators, not severe ones. If you need something thats going to offer more support then I suggest you check out the Asics Gel Evolution. But if you’re looking for more light weight then the Saucony Hurricane 15 is a great place to start!


If your looking for a seriously comfortable shoe to deal with your overpronation then you need to check out the ASICS GEL EVOLUTION 6. I love the Asics Gel line, they provide great support, and the gel packets that they’re named for add a serious degree of comfort to your run.
With the ASICS GEL EVOLUTION 6 things were taken to a new level with a few minor changes, for starters they put in maximum wedge support at the base to fortify the shoe and give it an easier transition from heel to toe. Also there’s more support in the midsole on the Evolution line than you would normally find on other ASICS, which means extra support for you as an overpronator.
Okay, now for the downside. The one problem most people have with these, as well as any shoe with multiple stability features, is the weight. If your not accustomed to wedge support and the denser midsole then you might feel that a motion control shoe like this one is heavy and bulky. It’s a bit of a trade off, and only you can decide if it’s right for you. If your overpronation isn’t that bad then maybe you should consider the Saucony Hurricane 15. But if you’re a severe overpronator then I would go with the Asics Gel Evolution 6. It’s going to provide you with the support you need. 

You'll find people whose feet roll inwards if they are running. This is whats called overpronation. It takes place when excess fat than normal is transferrred to the inside in the foot. It can also be due to wearing a bad running shoes. Overpronators incorporate most people who are overweight or large-framed, You aren't have flat feet. Overpronating normally necessiates the re-attainment of balance through mechanical movements from the knee and hip joints.

Pronation on is risk-free. Actually, it will help the runner's mind detect the terrain and also the leverage in the the floor on which the runner is running, Enhancing the runner adapt to the floor. The shock of destabilisation is absorbed by the ankle, Preventing other aspects of the low limbs from suffering injury. However, if your overpronation is at excess, it can cause falls together with the corresponding prospect of injuries.

When buying new running sneakers, it is very important check with an authority that will give superb advice around the jogging shoes to purchase. Additionally, the runner can check the underside of their old set of two running shoes to determine how much overpronation he/she's got. For overpronators, the interior side in the bottom area of the shoe deteriorates faster compared to outer the main shoe. Mild overpronators will use moderate motion control shoes or shoes padded from the inside. Extreme overpronators should use shoes specifically manufatured for your maximum possible stability. Failure to manipulate overpronation might cause adverse long term effects. The lower the main leg may have increased rotation, Problems for the runner's tendons and ligaments within the hip and knee joints. Temporarily, accidents as a result of falls and fractures, corns and pain are enough to scare anyone careless enough to never consider using the right overpronation running shoes.

motion control shoes

Large framed or overweight in other words flat footed runners are more inclined to overpronation, a disorder in which the feet roll inwards when they are running. Overpronation migh result is stress and severe harm to connective tissues from the knees minimizing legs. To stop such damage manufacturers of running sneakers have designed special running shoes either way heavyweight and overweight overpronators.

Best running shoes for flat feet


Nike is a leading athletes shoes manufacturing company located within Oregon. Nike became famous for making basketball shoes, eventhough it began by making running sneakers.

For runners who are inclined to overpronation, Nike produces shoes with motion control much like other shoes manufacturers. Nike Air Cesiums are the most used of Nike's motion control shoes. Unlike most motion control shoes that are somehow heavy to provide adequate support for the runner's foot, Nike Air Cesium provides sufficient motion control to stop injury and also very light. Other Nike shoes meant to prevent overpronation include Zoom Nucleus MC+ for women and men.


Saucony is a shoes manufacturing company who specializes in the production of jogging shoes and sports equipment. Much like other programs that manufactures athletic shoes, Saucony manufactures motion control shoes that are compatible with preventing overpronation. Saucony employs proprietary grid technology in manufacturing their motion control shoes. Samples of Saucony motion control shoes include Grid Stabil and Grid Hammer models.


In 1947, after World War two Kihachiro Onitsuka starts making basketball shoes in the lounge in Kobe, Japan. The company was later renamed Asics in the event it entered the U.S. market that year 1977. Asics began manufacturing new technology jogging shoes in 1990 at Asics "Research Institute of Sports Science" positioned in Kobe. The free interaction between Coaches, runners and Scientists led Asics to build up special running sneakers including Asics Gel Foundation 3 and gel foundation 8.


Asics also produces running shoes but unlike the costly Saucony athletic shoes theirs are more affordable thus making Nike the most ideal shoes for that new runners who are not willing to use over 100 U.S dollars on shoes. New Balance Motion control shoes include: WR 1011 for females and MR 1011 models for males, 992 and 1123 models.

Together with the availability of motion control shoes that supply comfort preventing injury, runners who tend to overpronation have absolutely nothing to concern yourself with.

Your Flat Feet Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of running shoes for flat feet then you should read this first. We are going to discuss if you actually need running shoes for flat feet. For starters we need to make sure you actually have flat feet, otherwise known as fallen arches.
So how do you know if you have flat feet? Well, here is a quick and easy test to find out. Simply go out onto your drive way with a water hose or a cup of water. Wet one area of the ground, but be sure to leave plenty of room dry. Now simply walk across the wet area barefoot, to get the bottom of your feet wet, and then walk across the dry area. You’re going to leave some wet foot prints across the dry area, and these foot prints are going to help you determine if you have flat feet or not. 
If your foot prints are very broad, showing the entire shape of your foot, then you most likely have flat feet. If you notice that there is plenty of dry space in the middle of the print, where your arch should be, then you most likely don’t have flat feet. If however, you are experiencing any of the pains associated with over pronation then I suggest you visit a doctor. 
If you do have flat feet, and you experience any pain in your shins, knees, back, or anywhere else on your lower body, then you most likely suffer from a condition called overpronation. Running shoes for flat feet can help greatly to reduce this pain.

proper running shoes

Your selection of the proper running shoes is most important and depends upon numerous factors. The important shoes ought to provide proper traction, maneuverability, comfort and protection on the foot. These sneakers are generally categorized as neutral, motion control and stability jogging shoes.

The sort of your foot arch is the main factor to decide on the running shoes. The imprint of the foot on brown paper or floor after wetting will take a look at which foot you have. If it has a high arch and sharp curve it is a normal foot with under pronation. In the event the impression nearly shows the entire foot, you've got flat feet or over pronation and want stability jogging shoes.

When you put your entire body weight over the feet, the natural cushioning mechanism relieves your hips, ankles, and feet from the impact. The flatfoot will over pronate and also have virtually three times the outcome of body weight on the foot. It lacks the support for the body and may even cause stress or injuries which include medial stress syndrome, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, or fracture. You may need for stability or motion control running shoes on your flat feet to lessen these risks.

The opposite factors that influence choice of the best shoe include, sex, physiology, weight, height, kind of running, the landing patterns of the feet and average distance you have daily. The stability shoes restrict the over pronation, offer overall stability and provide protection and comfort to the feet.

Women above 150 pounds and men above 180 pounds have to select extra stability shoes for the better flexibility and appropriate maneuvering. The stability running sneakers present an added support at mid sole and forefoot as well as cushioning. The rough tracks demand extra cushioning. For really body weight you may need stronger stability shoes. You will find various designs which can be strong and durable and suit rough tracks. These shoes should suit your body frame and type of use.

The shoe manufacturers do a lot of research and give latest innovations. Normally, you ought to go for lightweight shoes with minimum heel and enough midfoot cushioning for safe running. These comfortable shoes should support midfoot or forefoot striking as are usually necesary. Top of the must be soft and still provide ventilation, comfort, aesthetics and sturdiness. The top stability athletic shoes provide control features that help reduce how much pronation and protect your feet from injures You can aquire a range of stability running shoes offered by various renowned shoes manufacturers


Exactly what is overpronation? foremost it is important to have an understanding of pronation. Pronation is a key phrase with reference to the way a person’s feet goes for the duration of a step. Typically you should land a step on the heel and then while their foot rolls further their mass is going to be concentrated at the toes. Now the feet, ankle as well as knee are all arranged. This implies they can all bend at the ideal angle and spring you off to a further step.
Since we recognize how a feet should move let us look at ways an overpronator feet functions. The outset are going to be the very same, land on the heel and roll onwards in the direction of the toes. However instead of finishing in the center of the toes, an individual who has overpronation would shift their feet inward, coming to an end next to the big toe. This causes the foot to twist together with the ankle to contort to the side. What this means is the ankle and also knee are not lined back up therefore the knee will have to rotate to compensate. Not to mention the hip.
Over pronation can create a range of issues. Anything at all from the feet to your back may be influenced by this ordinary foot movement whenever it happens to be sever . Things like shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, Tarsal tunnel , Bunions, knee soreness together with lower back pain might all be connected with overpronating.
Jogging enhances the severeness of overpronation more than simply taking walks because of this people who aren’t devoted runners may well never suffer any kind of unintended effects perhaps even is their overpronation is much more pronounced. Nevertheless meanwhile a person who only overpronates somewhat may likely to experience it if and when they run often.
Undoubtedly the movements we are discussing about are extremely small and for anyone who does them they come to feel ordinary. Precisely how do you know? Well needless to say the best method would be to see a health care professional. More specifically a Podiatrist. They might have you exercise on a running machine as they watch your foot movements. The health care professional can say if you overpronate and if so how severely. They could on top of that order custom orthotics for you. However some of us can’t manage to pay for this process. When this is the case there is an alternative way it is possible to diagnose yourself. Simply just look at the bottom part of your jogging shoes. Where exactly will you observe the most of the wear? In the event that it’s primarily on the inside near the big toe then chances are you overpronate. You can help prevent it with a pair of running shoes for flat feet

Can Flat Feet Be Corrected? Here’s A Few Exercises to help!


I know, you're wondering, can flat feet be corrected? Well, there are some surgery's that can correct it, but for most people that is a last option, but relying on special shoes doesn’t sound that great either. So what do you do? Well, here are a few handy flat feet exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your feet and hopefully reverse your fallen arches. There’s no guarantee that they will work, but doing nothing is guaranteed not to work.  So if you’re willing to spend a half hour a day trying to improve the condition of your feet, then read on!

OK first up is what I like to call the marble workout.  It is a simple matter of spreading some marbles out in front of a comfortable chair.  Now, using only one a foot at a time, pick up the marbles one by one with your toes.  This causes you to curl your foot inward and works out the muscles in the bottom of your foot.  Of course you can make a game out of it, dropping the marbles into a bucket, or maybe sorting them into piles by color.  Either way try to work out each foot for a while.
The next flat feet treatment is usually associated with calf muscle training.  But it actually does wonders for your feet as well.  It’s called the toe raise, simply lift yourself up onto your toes and lower yourself back down.  Try not to let your heels touch the ground before you raise back up again.  This puts a lot of weight onto the balls of your feet which helps strengthen the arch.  If this seems too easy an alternative is to do it on one foot at a time, holding onto the back of a chair or a wall for balance.
So can flat feet be corrected by these exercises? For some people yes. Try incorporating them into your day a few times a week.  The worst case scenario is you spend a little bit of time working out with nothing to show for it.  But for a lot of people, these basic exercises help strengthen their feet and they start to build their arch back up.  What do you have to lose?

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10 (Motion Control)



Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10     Womens Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10


Here are some great Motion Control running shoes for all you severe overpronators out there! The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10 is a nice comfortable, breathable and light weight shoe with maximum stability.

The Pros:

It has a synthetic air mesh that helps keep your feet cool and dry. As well as the Mizuno Intercool midsole ventilation system that also reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe to compliment the air mesh. The Dynamotion Fit relieves the stress the foot naturally places on footwear, which eliminates distortion for a better fit. They also have a great engineering approach to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible. I also love the way these shoe’s fit. They are nice and snug on my heel but leave some extra room near the toes. So over all these have everything I want out of a good pair of motion control running shoes.

The Cons:

Ok maybe it is just me but I’m not to crazy about the look of these shoe’s. Overall appearance  is just kind of ugly to me. But like momma always said “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” And what’s on the inside of these shoes is worth dealing with the gnarly color scheme! Check them out for yourself!