Brooks PureConnect 2 Review

For some overpronators less is more. Some people like a shoe that allows they’re flat feet to move more naturally instead of forcing it to behave a certain way with a arch wedge or denser midsoles or whatever else. If you’re one of these types of runners then I’d suggest you check out the Brooks PureConnect 2.
The good folks at Brooks have come up with a nice minimalist running shoe, it’s light weight and designed to fit your foot like a glove. Personally, I don’t go for this type of shoe. I prefer something a little thicker, that provides my feet with the support I’ve come to expect from motion control shoes. However if your only a mild overpronator then this might work well for you! 
If you would like something with a bit more support but still light weight then I suggest you check out the Saucony Hurricane 15.

Saucony Hurricane 15 Review

Here’s one for the more moderate overpronators out there in flat feet land. It’s the Saucony Hurricane 15.
The Saucony Hurricane 15 gives you a decent amount of support for your flat feet, but still keeps things lightweight and comfortable. They have ample cushioning for your feet, and the shoe is well ventilated. 
Biggest draw back to this shoe is probably the ventilation. It’s great when it’s hot outside, but if you’re running on a wet or cold day, it can be problematic. Other than that it’s an all together wonderful shoe. Just remember, it’s made for moderate overpronators, not severe ones. If you need something thats going to offer more support then I suggest you check out the Asics Gel Evolution. But if you’re looking for more light weight then the Saucony Hurricane 15 is a great place to start!


If your looking for a seriously comfortable shoe to deal with your overpronation then you need to check out the ASICS GEL EVOLUTION 6. I love the Asics Gel line, they provide great support, and the gel packets that they’re named for add a serious degree of comfort to your run.
With the ASICS GEL EVOLUTION 6 things were taken to a new level with a few minor changes, for starters they put in maximum wedge support at the base to fortify the shoe and give it an easier transition from heel to toe. Also there’s more support in the midsole on the Evolution line than you would normally find on other ASICS, which means extra support for you as an overpronator.
Okay, now for the downside. The one problem most people have with these, as well as any shoe with multiple stability features, is the weight. If your not accustomed to wedge support and the denser midsole then you might feel that a motion control shoe like this one is heavy and bulky. It’s a bit of a trade off, and only you can decide if it’s right for you. If your overpronation isn’t that bad then maybe you should consider the Saucony Hurricane 15. But if you’re a severe overpronator then I would go with the Asics Gel Evolution 6. It’s going to provide you with the support you need.