Can Flat Feet Be Corrected? Here’s A Few Exercises to help!


I know, you're wondering, can flat feet be corrected? Well, there are some surgery's that can correct it, but for most people that is a last option, but relying on special shoes doesn’t sound that great either. So what do you do? Well, here are a few handy flat feet exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your feet and hopefully reverse your fallen arches. There’s no guarantee that they will work, but doing nothing is guaranteed not to work.  So if you’re willing to spend a half hour a day trying to improve the condition of your feet, then read on!

OK first up is what I like to call the marble workout.  It is a simple matter of spreading some marbles out in front of a comfortable chair.  Now, using only one a foot at a time, pick up the marbles one by one with your toes.  This causes you to curl your foot inward and works out the muscles in the bottom of your foot.  Of course you can make a game out of it, dropping the marbles into a bucket, or maybe sorting them into piles by color.  Either way try to work out each foot for a while.
The next flat feet treatment is usually associated with calf muscle training.  But it actually does wonders for your feet as well.  It’s called the toe raise, simply lift yourself up onto your toes and lower yourself back down.  Try not to let your heels touch the ground before you raise back up again.  This puts a lot of weight onto the balls of your feet which helps strengthen the arch.  If this seems too easy an alternative is to do it on one foot at a time, holding onto the back of a chair or a wall for balance.
So can flat feet be corrected by these exercises? For some people yes. Try incorporating them into your day a few times a week.  The worst case scenario is you spend a little bit of time working out with nothing to show for it.  But for a lot of people, these basic exercises help strengthen their feet and they start to build their arch back up.  What do you have to lose?